Types of Yogas

Jnana Yoga

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Jnana Yoga

Jnana  yoga or the path of knowledge is the shortest but most difficult path for one to practice. One has to deny or negate the apparent through constant discrimination between the real and

the unreal . Sri Ramakrishna his guru Tota  Puri , Sri Sankaracarya, Sri Ramana Maharsi and Swami Vivekananda were the great exponents of this path of knowledge.

Knowledge Originated from Lord Siva, whose dwelling place is the Himalayas (Kailas). From time immemorial, great sages of India, renouncing everything for the sake of Truth, discovered in their deep meditation innumerable spiritual truths about man and the universe.Even emperors and kings used to seek their advice and blessings.

Totapuri –  who had realized the ultimate truth taught Sri Ramakrsna Advaita sadhana.When he was staying at Dakshineswar, he saw a disembodied spirit climbling down from a tree. He requested that spirit  to sit with him for meditation, since he saw no difference between them, both of them being manifestations of Brahman.

Sankaracarya, a great teacher of Advita, who expounded the path of knowledge preached Mayavada. According to him , the sun of knowledge, that is Atman , is always self – effulgent . It is the cloud of ignorance or Maya which hides the Self.yu

Then we have Ramana Maharsi , who was always absorbed in the thought of the self . For  him the whole universe appeared like a reflection in a mirror, which is only appearance and not Reality . Then there was Swami Vivekananda, who carried the thoughts of the Eastern sages to the western world , in the present age. He proclaimed the truth of Vedanta first at the Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893. He founded monastic order, the Ramakrsna Math and the Ramakrishna Mission , in the name of his Gurudeva, for the spread of the message of Sanatana Dharma thoughout the world. Swami Vivekananda”s book jnana Yoga, a collection of his lectures delivered in America is a classic on Vedanta philosophy extremely useful for seekers of Truth.

Raja Yoga

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Raja Yoga

Raja – yoga is the science of controlling the ever- volatile mind Brahma is said to have meditated before creating the universe. Patanjali’s yoga- sutras explain scientifically the art of practicing Raja- yoga. Meditation unfolds our divine nature and  solves all psychological problems.

Raja yoga is the science of controlling modifications of thoughts, continuously rising in mind.When the restless mind is brought under control through the practice of meditation, it generates tremendous power and releases energy dormant in man.

In the beginning of creation , Prajapati Brahma practiced meditation to acquire the power of creation.

Patanjali,a great yogi and founder of the yoga system of philosophy has beautifully expounded the whole gamut of human psychology. His work is known wordwide as Patanjali Yoga Sutras ( Yoga aphorisms of Patanjali) . His scientific approach , practical guidelines and wonderful techniques of controlling  mind are immensely beneficial to the seekers of truth. According to him , the purpose of Yogic practices is to arrest the mental modifications, which ultimately leads to the experience of

Samadhi. His eight – fold path ( Astanga Yoga ) is a royal way for attainment of spiritual  enlightenment.

The direct disciples of Sri Ramakrsna practised severe austerities and meditation under the Pancavati , at the Cossipore garden house at Barangore Math and many other holy places ,during the life- time of Sri Ramakrishna and even after his passing away and became spiritual dynamos. Swami Vivekananda,the chief disciple of Sri Ramakrishna had a wonderful experience of Nirvikalpa Samadhi at the Cossipore garden house , where he was immersed in the practice of meditiation.

Reguler practice of meditation not only helps us to unfold our divine nature but also helps us in our day – to –day activities . It helps students to improve their power of memory and concentration and also mental and physical health. Even professionals , bureaucrats, politicians, businessmen can derive immense benefit from the practice of meditation. It improves clarity of thinking , power of discrimination, efficiency in work, capacity to take quick decision, mental strength and vigour, which is very essential to accomplish desired goals in life Without that our restless mind will lead to depression, tension, frustration, inferiority complex and other psychological problems.

Bhakti Yoga

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Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti or Divine love brings God closed to a spiritual aspirant. He can be loved and adored as a spouse, or a child , or a mother, or a servant , or a friend, as did the Gopis of Vrndavan, Yashoda, Sir Ramakrishna , Hanuman, and Arjuna, respectively. .

The emotion of love is a divine gift to man . When it is controlled and given the proper direction , man attains the summum bonum of life . Cutting asunder all wordly bondages, he can cross the

ocean of samsara and enjoy divine bliss. Worldly love when directed towards and offered to God becomes devotion. A heart given to the world may break at any moment . such as at the loss of a beloved one. Love offered to God grows day by day, expanding our heart till it reaches his holy feet.

Sir Krsna says in the Bhagawad Gita:’ Whoever offers Me with devotion a leaf ,a flower, a fruit or water, I accept that , the pious offering of the pure in heart’.(Gita:9.26)

To develop love for God one must cultivate divine attitude towards Him. It is called Bhava in Sanskrt. One attains knowledge as well as vision  of God by cultivating a proper longing for him. In Narada Bhakti Sutras, Narada has mentioned eleven types of such moods. Not that there are only are  eleven types. But there are as many possibilities as there are human relationships. Narada points out that even if they appear different, they are all manifestations of love , which in itself is only one.

The gopis of Vrndavan and  Mirabai practised Madhura Bhava: that is , they loved Sir Krsna as their husband . Dhruva loved the Lord as his father. The sages practice Santa Bhava,  the peaceful attitude by practicing regular meditation and japa. Hanuman found delight in serving his Lord Rama; it is known as Sasya Bhava- the attitude of friendship. Yasoda exhibited parental love towards Krsna- Vatsalya Bhava and the great devoyee Bali is a surpreme example of complete self- surrender to the Lord. The last attitude is a common characteristic of all Bhaktas, because it is in the very nature of intence love that it cannot bear separation.

Whatever may be the attitude, we must make God our own and develop intimacy with Him. Wholehearted and selfless love alone will lead us to the Divine.

Karma Yoga

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Karma – Yoga is the saving mantra for humanity in this age . To put it in words of Sri Krsna : ”Devoted each to his own duty , man attains to the highest perfection” ( Gita: 18:15 Karma Yoga is the easiest path for self – realization, provided one practices it sincerely. Whatever may be the nature of work or position of a person in society, by doing one’s allotted work with a sense of self- surrender, one can easily advance in spiritual life. One must consider oneself as a mere instrument  in the hands of God. He alone is the doer and we are mere puppets.

Sir krsna says in the fourth chapter of the Giita that this Karma yoga was taught by Him ages ago , in his previous incarnations, to Vivasvan: then , Vivasvan taught it to Manu and Manu to lksvaku . However, in the course of time, this knowledge was lost and hence Sir Krsna taught it again to Arjuna. Arjuna wanted to run away from the battle – field , giving up  his ksatrya dharma.  He wanted to embrace the life of a mendicant . Sir Krsna dissuaded him and exhorted him to follow Arjuna ‘s own dharma( Gita:2.37)

“Therefore, get up , O son of Kunti, resolve to fight. Sri Krsna quoted the example of Janaka. Janaka while discharging his

duties as a king. Attained rsihood and is therefore called a Rajarsi.

There is another example in the Chandogya Upanisad . A boy Satyakama approached sage Gautama to learn Brahma vidya. The sage sent him away with four hundred cows, and asked  him to take care of them. The boy did his job sincerely and implicitly obeyed the instructions of the guru. By doing this seemingly ordinary work , the boy attained spiritual enlightenment. When the boy returned with 1000 cows, the  teacher was amazed to see his face bright with Brahma Tejas and proclaimed that Satyakama has attained the supreme enlightenment.

Therefore if a person, weather he be a Bramhmin or ksatrya, Vaisya or sudra does his work with honesty and sincerity, dedicating the fruits of his actions to God and takes recourse to dharma, ultimately attains perfection, which leads to peace, happiness and immortality.


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What is stress ?

Stress is defined as a genetically determined pattern of response of the human physiology to a demanding situation . Such demanding situations could be of two types :

a. Physical – like accidents, burns, major surgeries , infections, pregnancy etc.,  Which make demands on the entire physiology.

b. Psychological – which can occur independently or as a reaction to the physical

stress.  Examples are – life situations that evoke emotional responses like – fear anxiety, tension , worry , jealousy , hatred, anger, excitement, conflicts, etc. It may be a temporary stress, demanding only an immediate adaptation process. Or it may be a  long – standing one, leaving deep – seated subconscious impressions ladingTo prolonged tensions.

Youtube Yoga

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Youtube Yoga

Pilates (Sanskrit: योग With this sound pronunciation (help·info)) would be the bodily, mental, in addition to religious techniques or exercises which in turn arose in old The indian subcontinent having a watch to attain circumstances associated with lasting peacefulness. The word yoga may be resulting from possibly associated with a couple sources, yujir yoga (to yoke) or yuj samādhau (to concentrate). Your Pilates Sūtras associated with Patañjali defines yoga since “the stilling from the changing declares from the mind” (Sanskrit: योग: चित्त-वृत्ति निरोध: ). Pilates has additionally recently been popularly thought as “union while using divine” within different contexts in addition to practices.

Several practices associated with yoga are only within Hinduism, Buddhism in addition to Jainism. With Hinduism, yoga is one of the six āstika schools (accepts guru associated with Vedas) associated with Hindu idea. Pilates is additionally an essential component of Vajrayana in addition to Tibetan Buddhist idea.

Pre–philosophical speculations in addition to various ascetic techniques associated with 1st millennium BCE had been systematized into a elegant idea within early on centuries CE with the Pilates Sutras associated with Patanjali. From the flip from the 1st millennium, hatha yoga blossomed coming from tantra. It, in addition to the numerous modern day modifications, would be the design many folks keep company with the phrase yoga today. Vajrayana Buddhism, launched with the Indian native Mahasiddhas, incorporates a parallel compilation of asanas in addition to pranayamas, for instance caṇḍālī in addition to trul khor.

Authorities coming from The indian subcontinent after released yoga towards western, following a achievements associated with Swami Vivekananda from the late 19th in addition to early on the twentieth one hundred year. [17] Within the 1980s, yoga grew to become favorite being a process associated with work out along the European earth. This particular sort of yoga is frequently named Hatha yoga. Quite a few scientific studies include attempted to look for the success associated with yoga being a supporting involvement intended for cancer, schizophrenia, asthma, in addition to heart disease. In the nationwide survey, long-term yoga professionals in the usa described musculo–skeletal in addition to mental wellbeing advancements.

Hatha Yoga Poses

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Hatha Yoga Poses

Hatha yoga asanas have been 1st described inside sutras. In modern times seeing that more books have been compiled by diverse yogi or wizard, your nomenclature possesses diverged. By way of example Hanumanasana, your backed variation that is often known as “Runner’s Stretch” through Kripalu users. Likewise, a “Flat Back Forward Bend” inside Shivananda process is referred to as “Stretching Pose” within equally Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga exercise in addition to Bikram Yoga exercise.

Yoga Weight Loss

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Yoga Weight Loss

In the increasing world stress and unhealthy products available in the market Yoga is the best activity and technology to beat such stress and have healthy body and mind. Yoga also helps in losing weights.

In the world with the change in eating habits the weight of the people are increasing day by day to overcome it  many saloons and many people are there to provide many weight loss programmes with different schemes. Even many shows in television are introduced to stay fit. But Yoga is most easier and economic way to stay healthy and fit.

The different gyms and the parlours providing such weight loss schemes are very expensive and are not affordable by all the people. Yoga is the activity that is very economical and effective weight loss activity. Yoga enables one to slim down or to cut down weight and look fit.

Different types of yoga’s the pousters done in the Yoga are helpful in making the person fit. It not only helps the person in weight loss but also in helps in toning the body. Yoga helps the muscles to be in fit shape and more powerful and also making the body flexible.

Yoga being the best weight loss activity is used mostly to get oneself tonned all around the world. Regular practice of this exercise makes the man or women in proper weight loss and fit body.

It is bit difficult to start yoga initially as the timing of doing it are very early but with the regular practise this difficulty also flies away as one starts to get good results. It is the activity which improves the blood circulation in the body and also helps in releasing the hypertensions which in other ways make the body fit and fine.

Yoga is very easy to perform and at the same time very simple to do. Yoga not only helps in weight losing but it improves immunity, helps one to relax, enhances flexibility in body, develops self discipline, helps in focusing and also helps in gaining high energy.

Many centres and many volunteers around the world are providing free servicing of learning yoga. And many people are even following these centres and trainers to learn the best and most economic exercise to stay fit healthy and in proper shape. It helps in making body strong and disease free and also helps in increasing the observation and focusing power on an individual.

So as to get best results in the body one should follow yoga.

Anusara Yoga

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Anusara Yoga

Created inside 1997 simply by American yogi Ruben Buddy, Anusara (which implies “flowing together with grace”) continues to be very popular in america in addition to more and more for sale in European union in addition to Most of asia.

Ruben Buddy researched in addition to taught Iyengar pilates previous to building his own technique, which describes Anusara’s target position. To be remembered as certified, Anusara professors have to finish an intense length of research just before having the state run permit to show while using the Anusara designation. In the event you visit a educator contacting independently “Anusara Encouraged, inch that is a sign likely not necessarily nevertheless thoroughly licensed, however have had comprehensive Anusara instruction.

Anusara seemed to be easily growing, with a fresh home office inside the functions inside Encinitas, Colorado, while proof personal in addition to professional impropriety simply by Ruben Buddy seemed to be posted on the net inside January, 2012. Buddy shortly mentioned having incorrect erotic relationships together with woman’s learners in addition to staff members right after his or her misconduct seemed to be open with an unknown web site, which additionally in depth his or her unlawful suspension connected with employees’ type of pension cash in order to spend on the newest Anusara Core, his or her pill employ, in addition to his or her effort in a Wiccan coven. Buddy next reported that he would certainly have a hiatus by coaching in order to assess his or her personal living in addition to restructure this managing connected with Anusara pilates. Michal Lichtman seemed to be called the newest PRESIDENT, while that session became short-lived. While more information come about regarding Collegue�s deviation on the meaning program code he or she espoused in addition to his or her apparent lack of contrition, more notable professors resigned their own association and lots of learners grew to become disillusioned using the educator these people formerly adored. In late 2012, Buddy went back for you to coaching together with some courses launching a new pilates system called The actual Origins. At about the same occasion, a gaggle of older Anusara professors reported this sourcing, together with Collegue�s advantage, with the Anusara Classes connected with Hatha Pilates, that’ll carry on and certify professors in addition to train inside the unique Anusara style.


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Yogilates is definitely an workout method that is the blend of:

Yoga exercise

put together by authorized Pilates coach in addition to yoga exercise doctor Jonathan Urla inside 1997.

This was designed to assimilate your Pilates methodology into your practice of hatha yoga exercise to get a a lot more full method of workout. Jonathan Urla written about working out method inside the e-book, Yogilates — Developing Yoga exercise in addition to Pilates regarding Full Health, Toughness, in addition to Mobility, posted inside 2002. It is usually a new authorized hallmark, nevertheless absolutely no royalties are commanded by trainers that grow to be authorized inside the process.

It is trained like a 80 small very long procedure inside workout golf clubs in addition to inside yoga exercise or maybe yoga dojos for your very same benefits of yoga exercise in addition to Pilates lessons, mainly to bring larger attention in addition to build one’s body inside a balanced way. Normally accompanied by tranquilizing audio, your educator will certainly direct your category by way of several bottom workout routines including equally matwork workout routines by Pilates in addition to yoga exercise presents in order to warm-up one’s body in addition to prepare your college student regarding more difficult positioned perform afterwards inside the category. Courses result in an old-fashioned way having serious rest in addition to meditation.

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