Raja Yoga

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Raja Yoga

Raja – yoga is the science of controlling the ever- volatile mind Brahma is said to have meditated before creating the universe. Patanjali’s yoga- sutras explain scientifically the art of practicing Raja- yoga. Meditation unfolds our divine nature and  solves all psychological problems.

Raja yoga is the science of controlling modifications of thoughts, continuously rising in mind.When the restless mind is brought under control through the practice of meditation, it generates tremendous power and releases energy dormant in man.

In the beginning of creation , Prajapati Brahma practiced meditation to acquire the power of creation.

Patanjali,a great yogi and founder of the yoga system of philosophy has beautifully expounded the whole gamut of human psychology. His work is known wordwide as Patanjali Yoga Sutras ( Yoga aphorisms of Patanjali) . His scientific approach , practical guidelines and wonderful techniques of controlling  mind are immensely beneficial to the seekers of truth. According to him , the purpose of Yogic practices is to arrest the mental modifications, which ultimately leads to the experience of

Samadhi. His eight – fold path ( Astanga Yoga ) is a royal way for attainment of spiritual  enlightenment.

The direct disciples of Sri Ramakrsna practised severe austerities and meditation under the Pancavati , at the Cossipore garden house at Barangore Math and many other holy places ,during the life- time of Sri Ramakrishna and even after his passing away and became spiritual dynamos. Swami Vivekananda,the chief disciple of Sri Ramakrishna had a wonderful experience of Nirvikalpa Samadhi at the Cossipore garden house , where he was immersed in the practice of meditiation.

Reguler practice of meditation not only helps us to unfold our divine nature but also helps us in our day – to –day activities . It helps students to improve their power of memory and concentration and also mental and physical health. Even professionals , bureaucrats, politicians, businessmen can derive immense benefit from the practice of meditation. It improves clarity of thinking , power of discrimination, efficiency in work, capacity to take quick decision, mental strength and vigour, which is very essential to accomplish desired goals in life Without that our restless mind will lead to depression, tension, frustration, inferiority complex and other psychological problems.

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