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People across the world are suffering from a very serious and complex ailment that is ADDICTION. The time when craving for the substance is worsen people who are addicted hurts others and behave in a strange manner. Sometimes they become dangerous and handling them becomes difficult. This ailment is affecting both rich and poor groups of society, child and adult, happy and sad. The spiral of drug addicted people is increasing many times but fortunately we have many great doctors and drug addiction removal centre which are there for help of those people who want to rid from this ailment called addiction. Below are some programs which prove helpful in treatment of addiction:
1. Outpatient care: Under this counselling is provided to those people who are dependent on drugs and alcohol. This program includes a huge range of counselling. To increase therapeutic response this technique uses medication along with behavioural therapy. Hence it mainly includes outpatient detoxification and psychiatric treatment.
2. 12 step treatment: Under this the treatment centre makes the patients feel that they are not alone and also provide life long assistance to them. 12 step group consider that the addition is an enduring problem. Under this every addict selects a sponsor who will help the addict in the process of recovery.
3. Inpatient program: In this people who seek recovery and want to remove this addiction join the rehab centres through this treatment doctors bring a rapid change in behaviour and lifestyle of addicts. Patient have to stay at rehab centre for 1-3 months for their treatment. The patients have to carry out every duty of his/her daily life. The patients get therapy with a normal day to day living.
4. Detoxification: before involving in any addiction program the addict must undergo detoxification. Under this the toxic substance are removed from the body.
Following are the aspects that should be considered about the treatment centre:
1. Visit the centre and talk to the members of case management.
2. Check their credential and surrounding.
3. Check the affiliation of treatment centre.
4. Verify that they have highly qualified and experienced doctors.
5. Check each and every facility provided by them to the patients.
6. Ask the processes and methodologies involved in the process of recovery.
You must collect every useful information so that you and your loved one will get treated in the best possible manner.

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